• Jura Beige Light Limestone

    Jura Beige Light Limestone

  • Jura Beige Dark Limestone

    Jura Beige Dark Limestone

  • Jura Beige Vein-Cut Limestone

    Jura Beige Vein-Cut Limestone

  • Jura Beige Limestone Mock-Up

    Jura Beige Limestone Mock-Up

  • Jura Beige Limestone Cladding
    Project Application

    Jura Beige Limestone Cladding

Jura Beige Limestone

Jura Beige is a beige limestone from Germany, with considerable hardness and known for its abundance of fossils. This German limestone is very popular worldwide, being normally supplied as blocks to China, slabs to the Middle East, tiles to UK and USA and cut to size for cladding projects pretty much everywhere. Additionally, it is a popular stone for flooring and landscaping projects.