Selections of the Jura limestone


The Jura is a fantastic limestone from Germany, which has seen an incredible growth in the past 10 years for use on all sorts of projects all over the world. There are few variations of this limestone that we explain to you on this article, as well as the video below.

The Jura Beige limestone presents us with two main types, which are the Jura Beige Dark and the Jura Beige Light. These are two very similar stones with main difference on the colour tone. Next to the Jura Beige, we have the Jura Grey limestone, which shows a colder and grey colour, in contrast with the warm and earthy colour of the Jura Beige. The Jura Cocktail is an interesting mix between both beige and grey colours, presenting a somewhat irregular blend of colour. And finally, we have the Jura Vein-cut, which essentially presents a fairly parallel vein structure, which can have a beige or grey colour.

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