How to Choose: Jura Beige vs. Moleanos Classic


Taking into account that the Jura Beige and the Moleanos Classic are two of the most prominent limestones in the international market, it can be quite challenging to choose between the two. Especially, when their technical attributes are so similar.

The Jura Beige is known for several attributes, including a substantial durability, beige consistency and an increased versatility. But what differentiates this limestone from Germany is its unique and non-uniform appearance, which is composed by strong natural elements, mostly fossils. On the other hand, the Moleanos Classic is a more subtle and discreet limestone. It also presents most of the same technical elements, such as a similar hardness, versatility and colour density. However, in terms of appearance the Moleanos Classic has a clean and somewhat plain background with diverse visible elements. For a visual appealing project, it’s probably best to choose the Jura Beige, due to its exclusive and rich veinage. On the other hand, the Moleanos Classic should provide a better end result for discreet and neutral projects.

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