Comparison between Jura Beige and Jura Grey limestone


The Jura limestone is a fantastic and widely known limestone from Germany that presents two main variations: the Jura Grey and the Jura Beige. On this article, we make the comparison between both limestones, showing you their differences and what they have in common.

The Jura Beige is the main type of the Jura limestone, the one that has the most supply and demand. Here, we will find a light variation and a dark variation, looking very much the same but with different beige colour tone variations. The Jura Grey limestone looks very similar to the Jura Beige, but showing a cold grey colour instead of the warm and earthy colour of the Jura Beige. In addition to these, we have the Jura Cocktail, which is a blend of both colours. And finally, we have the Jura Vein-cut, which can also be presented in beige and grey colours.

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