Choosing Jura Beige limestone


The Jura Beige is a German limestone that has seen an incredible growth in demand in the past several years, going from a marginal limestone mostly used on the internal market to a reference beige limestone admired by international designers and architects. It is today a beige limestone that is used on a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

There are few variations of the Jura Beige limestone available. Below we introduce you to 4 of the main ones that are currently being extracted by most Jura quarries in Germany. The Jura Beige Dark and Light are the most relevant ones, representing about 90% of the total extraction and supply. The Jura Beige vein-cut has marginal extraction and supply, but has a solid demand. Finally, the Jura Cocktail that is no more than a mix between Jura Beige and Jura Grey. On this video we introduce you to the main variations of this unique limestone.

Source: Natural Stone Outlet