What is Jura Beige limestone

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In this episode, we will be talking about the unique Jura Beige limestone from Germany.

The Jura Beige is a beige colored limestone from Germany, being extracted by several quarries located in the upper Bavaria region.

This limestone is mostly known for its strong signs of fossils with darker color, sparsely distributed throughout the stone surface, as well as fairly irregular beige colored background.

The Jura Beige is a reference beige colored limestone from Germany, with considerable hardness. Its main variations depend mostly on the more or less abundance of dark colored fossils, as well as background uniformity. This limestone can have a light and dark variation (known as Jura Beige Light and Jura Beige Dark), as well as a vein-cut variation, although less common and with limited quantity.

The Jura Beige is a fairly hard limestone that is mostly used on flooring, wall coverings and cladding applications. This limestone has gained its reputation for its durability, hardness and favorable technical properties. It is also a limestone with considerable demand on the European and international markets, due to its technical properties, large quantities available and of course, its unique and beautiful beige look.

Today, it is common to find applications of the Jura Beige limestone on several exterior cladding applications, where it is applied using different fixation techniques, shapes or forms. It is also a preferential limestone for flooring, coverings and diverse stonework. The Jura limestone can be used for masonry, garden decoration, interior decoration (bath design, kitchen use, for example) as well as diverse landscaping applications.

The Jura Beige limestone accepts a wide range of surface finishes. We would like to highlight the polished finish, which enhances the color and elements of the stone, showing a strong shine. The honed, which is perhaps the most used type of finish, showing a matte surface, no shine. This is found on flooring or cladding for example.

And some surface finishes that show a certain amount of texture, such as the sandblasted, which has quite an anti-slippery and slightly rough surface, but showing a fairly light beige color. Or the sandblasted and brushed, presenting a leather type of surface, slightly rough but showing the natural color and elements of the Jura Beige.

The Jura Beige is perhaps one of the most famous and recognized beige limestones in the world, with consistent strong demand and considerable reserves for future supply. This is a limestone to consider for years to come.

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