Top Limestones for Exterior Paving in the UK in 2016

Jura Beige is among the top limestone selections for exterior paving applications in the United Kingdom. Our network has gathered a six entry list for 2016 based on the following criteria points: market popularity, stone density, porosity and hardness. Learn more about the chosen limestones below.

Just as most exterior projects, the exterior paving applications normally comprise additional requirements. This happens because the exterior surfaces are in direct contact with the surrounding environment and respective weather conditions, which accelerates erosion and promotes other damaging factors. In the UK, these conditions are rather hostile due to climate restraints, therefore it’s important to select materials based on a strong technical profile. To fulfill this criteria, our network selected several limestones and the Jura Beige occupies the third position for its versatility, colour variation and high durability / resistance. The other top limestones in the list are: Ataija Beige, Ataija Blue, Jura Grey, Moleanos Classic and Moleanos B1.

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