Most Popular Limestones in Autumn 2016

With extraordinary growing rates, the Jura Beige has been chosen as our network’s most popular limestone in Autumn 2016. The wide availability for this limestone, along with its persistent beige colour and unique appearance, are behind the increasingly success of the Jura Beige in the international set.

The exceptional appearance of the Jura Beige is making the delights of professionals and consumers a bit all over the world. The irregular pattern composed by fossils and shells create a rather unpredictable, yet exceptional appearance. Moreover, this beige limestone is well-known for its considerable hardness and versatility, which allows a more extensive usage including several different applications. These aspects alone have drastically contributed for the increase in demand and popularity of this German limestone. The Jura Beige is currently the most popular and on-demand limestone from our network, with countless daily business enquires. There are other limestones that have been highlighted for this season: Moca Cream, Azul Valverde, Jura Grey and Moleanos.

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Jura Beige Limestone