Jura limestone blocks supply

The wonderful Jura limestone from Germany has become a reference natural stone used on the building industry. It has today very large demand in the market and is generally exported from Germany as finished product. However, there is a side market for raw blocks of this limestone, mostly fueled by a big apetite from China for this stone. But also, from the Middle East. On this article, we explain the Jura limestone blocks market in more detail.

Which selections of Jura limestone are mostly demanded in block format?

The Jura limestone is extracted in many layers in the quarries, which makes the blocks quite short if compared to other types of limestone. Therefore, blocks supplied are normally short but long and wide, which makes them stackable insider export containers.

In terms of selection, the type of Jura limestone that has biggest share in the blocks export market is the Jura Beige limestone. Here, both main selections Jura Beige Light and Jura Beige Dark have high demand. After the beige variations comes the Jura Grey limestone, with a growing demand in the market.

Jura Beige Dark limestone slabs

Who are the main exporters of Jura limestone blocks?

Jura limestone is extracted by a handful of quarries located in the Bavaria region of Germany, between Munich and Nuremberg. There has been a strong concentration of smaller companies that have now become quite large, but few. These few companies control the Jura limestone export market.

In addition to the quarries themselves that export directly to final buyers, there are other players in the market that purchase blocks to export, such as intermediaries from China or Italy, trading companies and stone companies in the destination market.

Jura limestone quarry

Which are the main markets for Jura limestone blocks?

China is the reference market and gets the biggest share of the Jura limestone blocks import market. Blocks are imported and stocked, to be used on the local market on diverse projects or for re-exporting in cut to size format.

In addition to China, Italy and Turkey also have a considerable market share, but not for own consumption. As manufacturing power-houses, both Italy and Turkey have a strong foothold on the Middle East market, and therefore import good amount of Jura limestone blocks to manufacture in its factories, to re-export as cut to size for large-scale projects in the Middle East. 

Why is there such a large demand for Jura limestone blocks?

The volume of projects in China and the Middle East explains in part why there is such huge demand for Jura limestone blocks and not as much as finished product. Following the route of the Chinese market or the Middle East market through Italy or Turkey, mostly blocks will be supplied. This explains why raw blocks represent a large share of the export market for the Jura limestone.

Jura limestone blocks for export

What are the trends for 2020 in terms of Jura limestone blocks?

2020 is expected to be a year of continuity in terms of supply and demand of Jura limestone blocks worldwide, with particular focus on China and the Middle East. The Jura limestone is a reliable limestone that technically is one step ahead of competing limestones. Additionally, both in both China and the Middle East, the Jura limestone has become a reference limestone, in particular for masonry work and exterior cladding. There are numerous examples of iconic projects like the Al Hamra building in Kuwait with Jura limestone.

With a strong building market in the Middle East for the coming year, allied with the always on-demand Chinese market, we see continuous growth in demand for Jura limestone blocks for 2020 and beyond.

Al Hamra building Kuwait - Jura Beige limestone