Top Jura Beige limestone surface finishes for 2021

The Jura Beige from Germany is one of the most versatile limestones available in the market, which due to its technical properties, is today used on a wide range of applications both on interior and exterior use. What makes this limestone so interesting is the number of surface finishes it takes that are suitable for all these applications, in different climates.

Below we present some of the most on-demand surface finishes for the Jura Beige limestone that we expect to be very popular during 2021:


One of the reference types of finish for the Jura Beige limestone, the polished finish is the one that most highlight the true beige color and all the elements that make this limestone so special. It shows all the elements and interesting contrast.

This finishing is commonly used on interior flooring and wall coverings.

Jura Beige limestone polished


This is currently perhaps the most popular type of finish, mostly due to the fact that is the most used on exterior cladding projects (which involves the most quantity). It shows a matte appearance and a more uniform color tone and overall look.

This type of finish is mostly used on exterior cladding projects.

Jura Beige limestone honed


This is a very particular type of surface finishing, which presents a very uniform beige color and look, showing a strong corrugated appearance.

It is commonly used on pool and paving requiring strong anti-slippery properties, as well as some decoration.

Jura Beige limestone bush-hammered

Sandblasted + Brushed

The sandblasted + brushed surface finish is an interesting type of finish as it adds an anti-slippery surface to a good beige colored surface that shows pretty much all the elements and beauty of the Jura Beige limestone

It is mostly used on flooring and paving, where a certain level of anti-slippery capacity is required.

Jura Beige limestone sandblasted + brushed


A type of finish that shows a very plain color and uniform background, with thin corrugated appearance. Here, the usual elements of the Jura Beige limestone disappear.

This finish is mostly used on paving that requires a good level of anti-slippery capacity.

Jura Beige limestone sandblasted


Another great choice of surface finish for the Jura Beige limestone, the tumbled shows basically an aged appearance. The Jura elements are visible but color becomes a bit matte, rustic.

This is a type of finish that is mostly used on either interior flooring or exterior flooring.

Jura Beige limestone tumbled


The tooth-chiseled is a very particular type of surface finish, which shows a parallel split-face structure, where the sawn cut of blades are visible. This is a high intensive type of finish, which is normally used for specific projects.

This is a preferential type of finish to be used on exterior wall cladding or wall coverings.

Jura Beige limestone tooth-chiseled


The split-face finish shows a rough appearance, with a natural split look. This is an ideal type of finish to be used on wall cladding, but also on walls and exterior landscaping projects.

Jura Beige limestone split-face