Jura Beige Limestone: Top 3 Popular Applications

Known for its versatility in terms of applications, the Jura Beige limestone can be used in almost all types of projects. Still, there are three specific applications that have been making wonders with this natural stone.

The Jura Beige limestone has some of the best features when it comes to applications, it has a very uniform background and coloration, as well as a consistent supply chain and a considerable hardness, which directly puts it into the diversity application list, as it can be used in basically every project, including interiors, exteriors and landscaping.

After conducting a deep analysis about the recommended and most common applications for the Jura Beige limestone, we are now presenting the top three applications with the most incidence and success in the last few years.

1. Exterior Cladding

Probably the most popular application worldwide for the Jura Beige limestone. There’s a huge amount of projects in the entire world that have included this natural stone in their exterior cladding plans. The Jura Beige is an exceptional limestone for cladding for three main reasons: high availability, finishing diversity and colour uniformity.

Jura Beige Cladding

2. Interior Flooring

The second most popular application is interior flooring since the Jura Beige limestone contains a fairly high hardness, which provides a good resistance for flooring usage. But that’s not all. Overall, this limestone has great technical properties and a great appearance that turns it into a regular choice for different flooring applications all over the world.

Jura Beige Interior Flooring

3. Coverings

Both interior and exterior coverings have become two very popular applications for the Jura Beige limestone, especially in the last few decades. The high diversity in terms of finishings and the general colour uniformity create high standards for beautiful and sophisticated covering projects.

Jura Beige Coverings