Jura Beige Limestone Common Finishings

The Jura Beige is an extremely versatile limestone due to its hardness and fairly uniform colour and background. It is common to find this limestone on a diversity of finishings. We present below some of the most common and recommended finishings for the Jura Beige limestone:


The most popular type of finishing, the polished finishing highlights the natural elements of the Jura Beige limestone. Its surface is shiny and showing great contrast between its colours.

This finishing is commonly used on flooring and coverings.

Jura Beige Limestone Polished


Another popular finishing used on the Jura Beige limestone, the honed finishing presents a smooth surface with a very uniform beige colour. This finishing reduces the contrast between the different elements of the Jura Beige.

It is mostly used on cladding projects.

Jura Beige Limestone Honed


The bush-hammered is a specific type of finishing, changing the limestone surface into rough and with a very uniform look. This finishing changes the structure of the surface, making it look lighter.

It is commonly used on pool borders, wall cladding and some garden decoration applications.

Jura Beige Limestone Bush-Hammered

Sandblasted + Brushed

A new finishing but with increasing demand, the Sandblasted + brushed maintains much of the natural colour and looks of the original Jura Beige limestone, but with a non-slippery and smooth surface.

It is mostly used on pool borders due to its anti-slippery property, wall cladding or interior/exterior flooring.

Jura Beige Limestone Brushed