Jura Beige Limestone Commercial Names

The Jura Beige limestone is one of the most famous natural stones from Germany, and a reference beige coloured limestone. It has a considerable market all over the world and is a growing reference limestone with a beige colour.

Jura Beige Limestone Blocks

The Jura Beige limestone has today several commercial names, which are used according to market, supplier and a whole range of factors. Pretty much, each supplier can decide to have its own names. We try to resume here some of the most relevant commercial names for this unique limestone:

– Jura limestone: as it is officially known, this is the name that best describes the Jura regardless of its colour. Many people refer to the Jura Beige simply as Jura limestone, not being aware of the existence of other colours.

– Jura Golden: an alternative name for the Jura Beige, Jura Golden is a fairly commercial name. It is also used in places like China.

– Jura Cream: another quite commercial name, the use of Cream refers to the beige creamy colour of the Jura Beige limestone.

– Crema Jura: a Spanish name for the Jura Beige limestone. Some believe this name has some connotation with the Crema Marfil.

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